The Slide Rule That Put Americans on the Moon


This particular slide rule of mine, along with thousands of others much like it, did the job.  There were no cell phones, no desktop computers, and no tablets.  Would they have done a better job?  I don’t think so.

The slide rule was first conceived around 1620.  Who knew then that it would take man to the Moon?

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The site includes two blog pages, one on the subject of engineering science and items of a  general nature and a second blog on writing.  Both of these blog pages include writings of my experiences as both  an engineer and a writer going back to the days of when man first walked on the Moon.

I have also included a brief bio.

Arthur K Davenport (Art)



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7 thoughts on “The Slide Rule That Put Americans on the Moon”

  1. This is a great idea Arthur, I am immediately intrigued, and I think the hook about the slide rule and modern technology is genius. Good luck, and very happy holidays to you, Wendy, and family! Ron

    1. Well, to be fair — by far, most of the engineers I have worked with over the years have been scrupulously honest. I shouldn’t leave them out of the story.

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