The Martian

It was Good enough to keep my interest, but it was definitely science fiction.  The list of things that wouldn’t happen in a real Mars encounter is long.  The hype about the movie far outweighs its performance.  The acting is fine, but the writing and directing needs work in my opinion.  Hey, I worked on the design of the Apollo Backpack and the Shuttle Environmental Control System, I can afford to be critical.

When you think about it, the movie makes NASA management look like political hacks.  The one lowly worker who thought up the right way to perform the rescue got no thanks or recognition.  That was by far the closest thing to what happens in real life in the whole movie.

Oh well, most people will like The Martian.  It’s OK, just not as good as it could have been.

By the way Hollywood, when you burn hydrogen and oxygen, the flame has no color!  That’s one of the reasons why hydrogen is so dangerous.