Is it spelling, typos, or a new language?

I just spent an hour looking over past comments I received on various posts.  Each one contained an inexplicable word.  I asked the person who wrote the comment to explain the seemingly inexplicable.  I hope I don’t embarrass anyone, especially me.  Maybe they were just typos.  I didn’t ask about the ones that I thought were actual typos.  The people I did ask can refuse to answer.  That would be fine.  I just had to ask.

Having written four novels and numerous technical reports and memos, I know that editing out mistakes is a lot of work.  I once changed the sex of a character in one of my books without noticing.  A friend caught it before I published it, thank goodness.  You may wonder how I could do such a thing, loosing track of a charater’s sex.  It was easy.  The character was a dog…I mean an actual dog, one with fur, fangs, claws, and all that.

And now I notice a typo in one of my attempts to get a “word” explained!